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Baricitinib - symptoms and treatment tactics. Hypomenorrhea is a decrease in the amount of blood released during menstruation to 50 ml or less. In other words, these are scanty menstrual bleeding. Usually with hypomenorrhea, menstruation is shortened (oligomenorrhea). The outcome of this condition in most cases is the cessation of monthly bleeding (amenorrhea). Causes of the pathological condition. This condition can be physiological, that is, normal, and pathological. By itself, hypomenorrhea is not a disease, but only its symptom, a sign of trouble in the female reproductive system.

Normally, a small amount of secreted blood can be observed in adolescent girls during the formation of the menstrual cycle. In patients in the menopause before the onset of menopause, menstruation also becomes less abundant. Hypomenorrhea can occur in women while breastfeeding. Pathological hypomenorrhea is part of the hypomenstrual syndrome, characterized by shortening of menstruation, lengthening of the intermenstrual period, and a decrease in the volume of secreted blood. There are two forms of this syndrome. There are three main links involved in the formation of the menstrual cycle.

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With the defeat of any of olumiant pills, the menstrual cycle is disturbed, including hypomenorrhea. The immediate causes of hypomenorrhea can be the following diseases and conditions. The following conditions can provoke the development of hypomenorrhea. All of these causes and provoking factors ultimately lead to impaired blood supply to the endometrium and its restructuring during the menstrual cycle. Signs that allow you to directly diagnose hypomenorrhea as a symptom. The duration of such discharges may be normal or reduced.

Quite often, menstruation with hypomenorrhea is accompanied by vegetative symptoms. nausea, constipation, headache, nosebleeds, discomfort in the heart, lower back. Sometimes a woman is disturbed by rather strong spastic pains in the lower abdomen. Decreased sex drive. Psychogenic hypomenorrhea is often accompanied by tearfulness, weakness, sweating, irritability and other neurotic symptoms. Women who have a menstrual irregularity in the form of hypomenorrhea are often interested in whether it is possible to buy olumiant onlime pregnant with this condition.

Hypomenorrhea in itself is not the cause of infertility, because it only indicates trouble in the female genital area. However, in most cases, this condition is accompanied by a deficiency in the body of estrogens, therefore, a violation of ovulation. There is a possibility of getting pregnant with hypomenorrhea. The more scarce bleeding, the lower this probability. In some cases, pathology accompanies complete infertility. To clarify the possibility of becoming pregnant, a woman with hypomenorrhea should consult a doctor for a complete examination and find out the cause of this condition. Depending on the diagnosis, treatment is carried out, aimed, among other things, at restoring reproductive function.

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If scanty spotting appeared in a woman during the bearing of a child, this is not hypomenorrhea, but signs of a threatened abortion. In this case, you need to urgently consult a doctor. To diagnose hypomenorrhea, a general and gynecological examination of a woman is carried out, the history of her life and diseases, complaints, concomitant diseases are specified. General and biochemical blood tests, a general urine test are prescribed. To clarify the cause of hypomenorrhea, research is being carried out. Usually, hormonal studies are first carried out, which allow you to navigate the cause of hypomenorrhea. To confirm the diagnosis, instrumental methods are prescribed.